Begi Seekho Rajasthani/बेगी सीखो राजस्थानी



Begi Seekho Rajasthani is the quicker version of the course, 2 months long.
For the full version, check out Seekho Rajasthani – Saawal.
Begi offers you access to all learning content including videos and exercises.

Where it differs from the full version is that you do not get exclusive access to personal tutors and have to schedule time for group sessions with the rest of the class and the tutors.

With the Begi Seekho Rajasthani course, you can learn the basics of the Rajasthani Language with the help of video lessons, group tutorials, graded exercises and additional fun educational resources like storytelling sessions, folk-music presentations, links to relevant articles along with exciting social media videos and posts.



Regular Price:
Rs. 1,500 for professionals.
Rs. 1,000 for students (use coupon code STUDENT).


Formal Rajasthani teaching remains a major lacuna in Rajasthan and elsewhere. While the language continues to be widely spoken in the State in one of its many forms, most have learnt it as their mother tongue. Due to an absence of Constitutional recognition, formal instruction in Rajasthan has remained an unmet need.

The Seekho Rajasthani project has been launched to plug this lacuna. We are the first to offer structured learning courses to learn the Rajasthani language.


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