Learn the Rajasthani Language

The Rajasthani Bhasha Academy presents Seekho Rajasthani/सीखो राजस्थानी,
the first formal Rajasthani language learning course online.
Open up your window to the language and culture.

About the Rajasthani Bhasha Academy

The Rajasthani Bhasha Academy is a Public Charitable Trust set up under the Indian Trusts Act. The academy comprises people from various walks of life—academics, researchers, writers and students, all united by a common purpose to preserve and propagate the Rajasthani language. Our primary aim is to pursue Rajasthani language teaching and research. 

Seekho Rajasthani/सीखो राजस्थानी - Our First Course

Carefully designed by a team of language specialists, the Seekho Rajasthani/सीखो राजस्थानी course is a holistic learning tool. It features lesson videos, practice exercises, learning games, evaluations and external links to cultural resources. Each learner is assigned a dedicated tutor for weekly sessions for the duration of the course.

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