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The Rajasthani Bhasha Academy is set up as a Public Charitable Trust under the Indian Trusts Act (1882), to pursue Rajasthani language teaching and research. 

Our team comprises people from various walks of life – academics, researchers, writers and students, all united by a common purpose to preserve and propagate the Rajasthani language. The Seekho Rajasthani/सीखो राजस्थानी project, our first course, is geared to that effect.


Prof. Dalpat Rajpurohit


Dalpat Rajpurohit is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. He teaches Hindi language and literature and associated topics, with a focus on classics of the bhakti tradition. He also offers courses on South Asian history and cultures. His PhD is from Presidency University, Kolkata; he has previously taught at various institutions including the American Institute of Indian Studies and Columbia University. Dr Rajpurohit’s research interest is in the nirguṇ poetry of the several Hindi dialects at his command, including Marwari, his mother-tongue. His research has appeared in serval journals such as Ālocanā, Sammelan Patrikā, Bulletin of the SOAS, and Modern Asian Studies. He is currently finishing his monograph on the history of the Dādū Panth and the poetry of Sundardās. He is also coauthoring a book with Monika Horstmann which is centered on the networks, patronage, and translation of the poetry of the Sants of Rajasthan.

Prof. Ganesh Devy


Ganesh N. Devy  is a thinker, cultural activist and an institution builder best known for the People’s Linguistic Survey of India and the Adivasi Academy created by him. He writes in three languages—Marathi, Gujarati and English.

Educated at the Shivaji University, Kolhapur and the University of Leeds, UK, Devy has held fellowships at Leeds and Yale University and has been a T.H.B. Symons Fellow (1991-92) and Jawaharlal Nehru Fellow (1994-96). Among other prestigious international recognitions, Devy is a recepient of the Padma Shri (2014) and the Sahitya Akademi Award (1993), which he returned in 2015.

Team Members

Giriraj Bohra


Giriraj is currently pursuing Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) as a level 2 aspirant. A native of Bikaner, he was drawn to be a part of the innovative projects run by the Rajasthani Bhasha Academy to preserve and propagate the Rajasthani language.

Deeptarko Chowdhury


Deeptarko is a copywriter and a musician with keen interest in digital media including graphic design, animation, audio production and programming.

Neha Malu


Neha Malu is currently preparing for the final level of her Company Secretary examinations, having been a rank holder in the earlier levels. She was drawn to this project because of her attachment to her mother tongue.

Vishes Kothari


A financial consultant by profession, Vishes Kothari completed his masters in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, prior to which he studied at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and King’s College, London. He then taught mathematics at Ashoka University before turning to financial consulting.

He is a native of Sadulpur in Rajasthan and has a keen interest in the oral and musical traditions of his state. He has been associated with UNESCO-Sahapedia on projects focussed on the musical traditions of women in Rajasthan and as a language expert with the Jaipur Virasat Foundation.

Lakshita Chahar


Lakshita is a History enthusiast with a Masters in the field. Currently, she is planning to pursue her PhD in the area of Rajasthan’s Bardic Communities. For Lakshita, her culture, tradition and language is an important part of her identity and that’s what motivated her to join Rajasthani Bhasha Academy.

Sujaan Mukherjee


Sujaan heads the Research and Development team of DAG’s Ghare Baire museum of Bengal art. An archive and museums enthusiast, he has worked with cultural spaces like Victoria Memorial Hall, Gurusaday Museum, and the India Foundation for the Arts, although his research focuses mainly on urban history. Sujaan recently completed his PhD at Jadavpur University as a SYLFF Fellow.

Shreyans Dugar


Inspired by oral traditions and folk music, Shreyans initially served in the Rajasthan Kabir Yatra as a Language Expert and played a role in developing their music archive. Currently, he is focused on translating the works of Sahab Rohal Faqeer.

He is deeply engaged with the Rajasthani Bhasha Academy, actively contributing to the development of its upcoming workshops and academic programs.

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