Seekho Rajasthani/सीखो राजस्थानी (Abridged): In Association with Gurukul UK

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About Course

First of its kind, a formalised and structured education in the Rajasthani language


Presented in association with Gurukul UK as a short course for the summer, this abridged version of Seekho Rajasthani is geared to formally familiarise you with the absolute basics of the Rajasthani language.

Through video lessons about 5 minutes in duration followed up with practice exercises for each lesson, you will be guided by a tutor towards a wholesome understanding of the Rajasthani language, from understanding to speaking, reading and writing.

The course is designed and curated by experts and scholars in the language and covers everything from vocabulary and grammar to usage.


Why this course?

Formal Rajasthani teaching remains a major lacuna in Rajasthan and elsewhere. While the language continues to be widely spoken in the State in one of its many forms, most have learnt it as their mother tongue. Due to an absence of Constitutional recognition, formal instruction in Rajasthan has remained an unmet need.

The Seekho Rajasthani project has been launched to plug this lacuna. We are the first to offer structured learning courses to learn the Rajasthani language.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the Rajasthani language through one of its major and most spoken dialect, Marwari.

Topics for this course

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Rajasthani Basics?

Learn the basics of the Rajasthani Language
Seekho Rajasthani (Abridged): In Association with Gurukul UK

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Material Includes

  • The current course will use one of the most widely spoken dialects as its base– Marwari.
  • It is prevalent in vast swathes of Rajasthan– nearly 64% of the population speak this language (or one of its sub-dialects) as per the 2011 Census.
  • Moreover, learning one dialect allows a reasonably easy transition to any of the other forms of Rajasthani.


  • The only pre-requisite is an elementary knowledge of spoken and written Hindi.
  • The course will equip the learner in conversational and basic written Rajasthani.

Target Audience

  • Students, members of the Rajasthani diaspora, academics and researchers, social workers, or anyone at all, with an interest in the language can take this course.
  • We will soon also be launching a sequel to this course for a more advanced training in Rajasthani for scholars and academics, which will also provide grounding beyond contemporary Rajasthani.
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